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  • Staking Opportunities
  • Token Swapping

What is Sheath?

Sheath's main function is to convert businesses to web3 based models. By adopting blockchain technology, client businesses will be able to accept crypto payments, take advantage of low fees & high transaction speeds, and enhance their business by utilizing NFT's & smart contracts. NFT's provide business owners direct access to their supporting audience, builds a deeper connection between the brand and users, and  give  the ability to create useful benefits and products at a lower cost. Smart contracts can be used along with or separately from NFT's to automate transactions, business functions, fee calculations, payouts, benefit distributions, data tracking, and more. These benefits are applicable to any functional business!

Partner with Sheath

Clients will have the opportunity to partner with Sheath and become a part of the ecosystem. Not only will partners benefits include additional digital content & development, they will also gain exposure & functionality.

Sheath Ecosystem

Sheath's ecosystem consists of 3 main components; a network of companies in varying industries, NFT based communities, and $SHTH Token. As we build a diverse network of partners, Sheath will implement cross compatible utilities to all NFT's affiliated meaning users can buy an NFT from one company partnered with Sheath and gain benefits to all active partnered companies.

Sheath Token

$SHTH Token will serve as the primary medium to make purchases through Sheath marketplace and to support partnered projects. With the help from partners, Sheath will have a Pre-ICO launch of the token with a raffle-based system that will give away high value assets to early supporters. Following the raffle, Sheath will fund the Liquidity Pool and prepare for ICO. At the time of ICO launch, holders will be able to purchase Assets, Goods, and services using $SHTH Token. Participants in the Sheath Ecosystem will also have many opportunities to earn tokens.

Road Map

Phase 0 - Foundation ✔

We have prepared for launch by creating a Twitter, Discord server, and necessary websites. We have also established many early partnerships and affiliations in order to pretest simple functionalities and web3 integrations.

  • Create Social Media Pages
  • Create Website
  • Establish 3-5 Early Partnerships

Phase 1 - Soft Launch ✔

The goals of our soft launch is to go live with marketing and promotion of our services in order to cultivate a supportive community & scale. We will be taking on more clients & partnerships, exploring new industries, and developing our community & team. Job opportunities will be created as Sheath evolves.

  • Website Go Live
  • Begin Marketing
  • Establish More Partnerships

Phase 2 - Launch Event

The Launch event will include the release of Sheath's first digital asset. The Golden Ticket is Sheath's first "Heirloom" NFT meaning not only will this be the only release of this item, it will also gain utilities over time. The Golden Ticket Heirloom will also grant holders access to Sheath's Giveaway Event explained below. The launch event will also feature the release of two supported projects Sheath will be facilitating the sales of various items including retail merchandise, graded memorabilia, and even precious gems & jewelry through Sheath Marketplace. Lastly, through our partnership with AK Jones Design, Sheath will provide users with opportunities to invest into real estate projects such as house flips and property whole sales. All 3 projects will be used as to distribute $SHTH Token and build the Token liquidity pool.

  • Begin Mint for Golden Ticket Heirloom
  • Begin Mint for Real-Estate Investing
  • Release Sheath's NFT Marketplace
  • Circulate $SHTH Token
  • Build Liquidity Pool

Phase 3 - Interoperability & Metaverse

In Phase 3, Sheath will be introducing interoperable NFT's to the ecosystem. From this point on, NFT's affiliated with Sheath will offer utilities for various partnered businesses within the ecosystem based on promotions, events, and terms set by the respective business. Utilities will be subjected to changes. We will also be focusing on connecting with gaming & metaverse hosting companies with the goal of creating NFT ownership based content within those realms.

  • Interoperable Utilities Go Live
  • Continue to Provide services and Access Wider Range of Industries
  • Establish Partnership with Metaverse & Gaming Companies

Phase 4 - Metaverse Content

Once necessary partnerships are established, Sheath will begin to release metaverse and gaming content that will come as an addition to NFT's held. Holders will gain access to exclusive content in addition to all other utilities given by their collection.

  • Add Metaverse Content to Existing and Future NFT's Based on Partnerships

Phase 5 - Explore Options

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  • Nice job finding this easter egg
  • Send a screenshot to a Sheath DEV

Industries & Partnerships

NFT's & Smart Contracts

Create custom Smart Contracts, DAO Systems, NFT collections, and Web3 integration in order to usher new businesses into Blockchain Technology.

Crypto Lending

Leveraging crypto accounts to fund deals off-chain. Receive up to 75% of account value to purchase Real Estate, Businesses, services and more.


Web3 Music Streaming & Distribution. Connecting artist with their fans through Exclusive NFTs.

Real Estate

Integrate Real Estate Investing with the NFTs. Buying, Sell, and Hold Properties with our Real Estate Backed NFTs.


Purchase Fine Jewelry with blockchain technology to validate ownership and display in the Digital Realm

Merchandise & Retail

Purchase Merchandise from your favorite designers and display in the Digital Realm

The Golden Ticket

What is an Heirloom?

Some NFT's released by Sheath will be "Heirlooms". These special digital assets will gain new artwork & utilities over time based on Sheath's partnerships and affiliations. They will be interoperable within the Sheath ecosystem and will provide exclusive benefits. Heirlooms are limited and will only be released one time so grab them while you can!

Our first Heirloom, The Golden Ticket, will also count as an entry into our Giveaway Event. Holders will have the chance to win multiple prizes based on prize tiers!

The Giveaway Event

Sheath will host a series of giveaways offering Real world products and services coupled with the release of $SHTH Token. A drawing will be held at every milestone for prizes offered at said tier. Each tier will be unlocked based off of the total number of tickets sold. All participants holding a ticket as a prize tier is reached will be eligible to receive a prize during the drawing. Winners will be chosen via random number generators. Drawings for the winners will be held live within 48 hours of a tier being reached. To offer equal opportunity, The Golden Ticket will be offered at a reasonable cost. Any tickets purchased after a tier is reached but before a giveaway drawing is held are not eligible to participate in said drawing.

Prize Tiers

Tier 1 - 1000

  • 250 Tokens
  • items to be
  • Determined

Tier 2 - 2500

  • 250 Tokens
  • before the
  • release of the

Tier 3 - 5000

  • 250 Tokens
  • Golden Ticket
  • all tier prizes

Tier 4 - 7500

  • 250 Tokens
  • Will be established
  • before the

Tier 5 - 10000

  • 250 Tokens
  • Contest begins
  • Date and

Tier 6 - 12500

  • 250 Tokens
  • Time will be
  • Announced


About Adante

I am a college educated software developer with experience working with fortune 500 companies. Our growing network of developers, artist, and entrepreneurs within many industries have collaborated to bring you a way for common people and business owners to enter the digital realm & establish themselves before it is dominated by big businesses. With the right tools and support, we will be able to close the wealth gap and provide generational wealth for many families.

  • Illustration Artist
  • Software Developer
  • Fabricator

About Aaron

With a college background in Architecture, I have been able to help facilitate commercial and residential design projects. Architecture over the years has developed into a software based business model such as BIM Modeling. Working with the many different types of software has lead me to the blockchain technology of the future.

  • Architectural Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Fabricator
  • Golfer

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